3 things you could get done today!

  Getting things done

(photo credit: swiss-miss.com)

Getting things done. This is the plan!

3 things you could get done today!

Jewelry Organizationmake-up brush organizationcereal box organizer

(Photo credit: www.brightnest.com) (photo credit: www.blog.thenest.com) (photo credit: www.realsimple.com)

1. Stop by the thrift store and raid your Grandma’s dishes!

This is one gorgeous and ingenious way to organize your jewelry! Use coordinated antique china and saucers to display and sort out your baubles.

2. Use up those old coffee beans, or buy some cheap coffee!

I’m a coffee lover and I hate to see it go to waste. But even then there are always those stale beans, or that big container of Folger’s that you will never use. Well now you can! Pour some in to a few simple jars and use this as a way to keep you’re make up brushes looking fresh.

*Coffee beans have a nice aroma, but for an even cheaper variation that could even be used with pencils and art supplies, use black or pinto beans. This would make a cute note station in the kitchen too!

3. Finish up those half boxes of cereal!

Make some cheerio or rice crispy bars. Or don’t let the kids open up that new box of Cocoa Pebbles until they finish up the remnants in the other boxes. Consolidate half bags of cereal into another box to save a little space. This mini project will make both your pantry and one of your junk drawers just a bit more roomy.

Use old cereal boxes and cut them down to shape so they can serve as compartments in a drawer of yours. Maybe an office drawer, craft drawer or better yet the sock drawer. It’s not the prettiest organization scheme, but it doesn’t hurt the pocket book and it doesn’t take much skill.

This is your organizing day!


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