Hello Budgeteers!

Cheap medicine

Cheap? What’s Cheap?

“She’s cheap!” Is that bad?

Okay so maybe I wouldn’t want to be known as the Cheap Girl. I like nice things as much as the next person. I also like pretty things, so what? I am a girl after all! So my room is full of clothes, that sometimes don’t get hung up. Hah! Dresses and shoes and belts and such. Now ladies, I’m not talking Gucci or Prada or Givenchy or Coach. Though to be fair every girl should get to own at least ONE thing in her life that makes her feel like she lives a life of luxury (which for me was a vintage vanity off of Craigslist that I got for $40- sitting pretty!). BUT if your idea of cheap is somewhere along the lines of the Alette magazine company on Confessions of a Shopaholic, two things: This is probably not the blog for you AND you may need to watch that movie again

Confessions of a Shopaholic (film)

Confessions of a Shopaholic (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now for my fellow budgeteers! Let’s start by admitting what we are. DIY is a pleasant word to our ears. Hands on and adventurous, always ready to pinch that penny even if it takes hours of our time! Not that we have time, right? In this world it’s either you have the time or the money, some say. Makes me laugh, ummmmm actually I’d say I have neither. But… I’m writing a blog right? Right! For this exact reason. This is for all of us who have lost hours and hours aimlessly perusing pinterest “because we are going to use that idea one day”- to channel all of that into something productive.Now, you must understand what you’re getting into here. Being cheap not only comes from the heart, it’s often learned. Even worse it can be in your genes. That’s what it is in my case. Let’s break it down to a few examples:

Grandpa: At a restaurant. Orders water. Not too bad, ok most of us do this when we are broke. Then, he orders fish. You know why? Because it comes with lemon. “Can I have extra lemons?” Waitress brings lemons. A few minutes later every sugar packet has been used and we now have fish with a no-cost glass of lemonade. Re-fills anyone?

Dad: Family Cruise. Brings his children. Pretty nice of him actually considering it’s his 25th anniversary. When I say children I mean all of them, including my 4th sibling- his camera. It was an investment though. You see this way he doesn’t have to pay the professional photographers to get those cool pictures of us next to the dressed up characters. “Come pose over here!” “Quick picture?” “Beautiful princess, picture” my personal favorite of the cruise was actually getting called the latter of the three, of course! And now as a result we have many pictures, not professionally taken, from an odd angle with all sorts of backdrops. Thanks Dad!

Me: Let’s go back a few years for a quick example. Moving out on your own is always an adventure and believe me, I was ready to make it even more of one in every way possible. I’m not talking about serving my roommate and I eggs and beans all the time. Not about making empanadas from scratch without looking up a recipe, for fear I might not have an ingredient (it is what it is, eat it!). Hey don’t knock the cheapness, most of my apartment was completely equipped with free stuff! But I may be referring to the time I had to wash my bed sheets. You see quarter machines can get expensive. Especially for a load that big. So, after all, what is a tub for? Yes, I washed all my sheets in the tub and at realizing how heavy the comforter got with all that water soaked in, saw there was an error in my plan. Paying that 2 dollars to get it dry, now that was the bigger disappointment.

English: Yellow lemons.

English: Yellow lemons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t worry that’s all for today! Now though you can most likely look forward to quirky “long stories made short” or longer, there is a point to all of this! Don’t want to be known as the “cheap friend” or the “cheap girl” well how about “that girl who knows how to make really neat stuff” or “Hey! you’re planning a party? ask that girl who knows how to make cheap decorations” or “wow I love you’re dress!” (tee-hee it was from a consignment shop!) and much more! Be a Cheap Girl with Class!*

*Like Martha Stewart if she was broke!

When life doesn’t give you lemons, ask for them!

Confessions of a Shopaholic (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Yellow lemons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. (quote) (photo credit: Pinterest)

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    • !!!!!!!!You are our first commenter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! todays winner takes home a…….JK! Thanks Eric my ego is now boosted!
      True though, at least you have something to show for yourself if you have the two birds.

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